NEW Format!

The new 2024 Edition is designed for improved readability.

  • Larger Font and Increased “leading” (i.e., vertical space between lines of text) dramatically improves readability.
  • Entity names now display in bold and are left-aligned for easier identification.
  • Sub-orgs are now indented a few spaces, making them more readily distinguishable from their parent entities.
  • Entities are now consistently grouped by state and city placement headers in all dioceses.
  • Underlined state and city placement headers make locating entities easier and faster.
  • Standardized headers make finding entities more intuitive. In Curia & Institutions sections, headers enable the grouping of like entities.
  • Expanded titles and positions for Clergy and laity make finding personnel easier.
  • Parishes Closed/Merged within the current or previous year will display along with the month/year of closure/merger and any relevant notes.
  • Chaplains of non-Catholic Institutions (formerly CPI) / Miscellaneous Assignments have been moved from within each diocesan section and are now tracked within the Priests index.